Holiday Recipes

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Vintage Christmas confections

Vintage, old-fashioned, whatever you want to call it — these confections have been around for years and years and have the ability to transport us back in time with just one bite.

Hazel’s Special Mints are at least 100 years old and are the perfect butter mints — just wait until you try these. The [...]

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The best holiday dishes ever

Call me a traditionalist, but when someone asks me what I think are the best holiday dishes ever, I have to go with the classics. That’s why they call them classics, after all, they’ve been around forever and will continue to be around forever because they are just that good. You can get all [...]

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Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen

While everyone seems to be tightening their belts a bit this year, with a little bit of planning and not much else you can give really cute, really unique and really inexpensive gifts this year. I think Christmas sweets, cookies and candy are fun, but kind of expected. Why not do a more unique [...]

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Christmas cookies for busy cooks

Do you want a few really simple tricks for Christmas cookies? First, make a BIG batch of really good sugar cookie batter and from that you can make several kinds of cookies. Besides the mandatory cutout cookies made with your favorite cookie cutters that you sprinkle with colored sugar or Christmas jimmies, or frost [...]

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